Do you know…

…which industry is the biggest one in the world? And the oldest one as well?

It’s Farming, which employs 1.5 billion people. This is nearly 20% of the world’s population. Farming has done an incredible job in feeding the ever growing human population, which is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050. It is further estimated that 80% of the food we eat comes from the farming industry. With a worth of nearly 9 trillion USD. Ironically, farming is considered as one of the most conservative industries in the world… However, huge changes are just around the corner.

The Opportunity: in the EU a transition is happening!

In the last couple of years, the EU introduced new regulations where they are banning chemical pesticides. Furthermore, in the mid 2020 the Green Deal and Farm2Fork strategies along with the Biodiversity strategy for 2030 are driving the Farming Industry to change fast. 

Regulatory perspective

In the EU, regulation 1107/2009 enhances the use of active ingredients with low risk level. It gives a special status to alternatives to chemical pesticides, i.e. the biopesticides (Villaverde et al. 2014). Furthermore, as a result of the Directive 91/414 and regulation 1107/2009 out of 292 synthetic active substances of insecticides, only around 100 were approved for further use (the EU Pesticide Database, 2016). Overall, there used to be more than 1.000 active substances, and now only 500 are available on the market. Among them, 25% are microorganisms, insects’ pheromones and plant extracts considered of low risk. 

These regulations mean a huge shift for every stakeholder in the farming game.

For example, big multibillion dollar agrochemical industries relied for decades on incremental product development within the domain of chemical pesticides. Now, these huge industries facilitating more than 30.000 R&D employees per company need to shift fast their product strategy. Transitioning from chemical pesticides (avg. 80-90% of company’s R&D) to biopesticides (avg. 10%, the best (and rare!) case 20% of company’s R&D). For this to happen, we need to strategically build products to help farmers with this transition. At the same time, we need to collect valuable data on a farmer-level sellable (as a solution!) to agrochemical industries – to realize this quantum leap in product development.

At Fauna Smart Technologies we are building products and services to help farmers transition to greener and regenerative farming practices, in line with the EU regulations. 

Our bundle of products will assist the farmer by assuring that the actions will be performed at the right time and place. Also, with the right line of crop protection products, and with minimum use of it, all in line with the EU regulations. This saves resources to the farmer and unnecessary exposure of crop protection products to the environment. Thus giving a new reality of what farming can become. 

Would you like to know what is Pregnancy test for plants, AgroDNA as a Service and FaunApp?

You are welcome to contact us at to say hi and hear more about the products and services we are building. We can already tell you now that the Future is Smart!

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