“To create the world the way it ought to be, with the greenest possible agro-ecosystems, healthy for us as consumers and healthy for our Planet.”

Dr. Dragana Vukasinovic, Founder and CEO

The current Precision Agriculture eco-system has been applying a top down approach where satellite images and low resolution photo drones play an important role for the farming industry. These approaches provide insights into potential problems due to lack of water, fertilizer, insect-pests and diseases. However, there are significant gains to be made from technological advancements, but these require us to dig deeper into the crop systems by considering the actual in-field dynamics at play.

Our multidisciplinary experts engage with the farming community to describe the problems they are facing, root-cause them and bring together leading researchers from the relevant fields to determine which parts of these problems are ripe for targeting.

Through research and systems thinking we determine if and how it is feasible to design, implement and bring to market solutions designed specifically for those existing problems.


We are a determined and capable team of scientists and technologists. We exist to significantly improve food and agriculture systems and in doing so, transforming legacy systems and outdated processes. With a deep understanding of agricultural and food systems, we use an integrated approach, by combining knowledge and expertise across the agricultural sector with software and hardware technology to support our mission to deliver healthy plants for an adequate supply of healthy food in the world.

Science and Research

Our science and research expertise allows us to meet the challenges of the future when it comes to producing more and better quality food while lowering environmental risks.

Software and Hardware Technologies

Our engineering team is capable of building secure, scalable, and regulatory compliant enterprise applications that enable organizations to optimize market opportunities.