We are creating the world the way it ought to be.
With the greenest possible agroecosystems.
Healthy for us as consumers and healthy for our Planet.



The 4th Agricultural Revolution

Fauna Smart Technologies is creating tools and services for regenerative farming practices, because farming should give - not take.

We provide farmers with a science & tech system to grow food and re-build biodiversity, heal the planetary ecosystems, starting with agro-ecosystems.

Scientific advances allow us to do so.

As a result of the 3rd agricultural revolution, we got farming systems that deviate from nature. What if there is a way to make nature work WITH us again? Because in our obsession with making nature work FOR us, we have started to work AGAINST it. What if we could use technology so that it SUPPORTS nature and creates the space for nature to work at its best capacity?

What kind of approach(es) should we strategically introduce to re-design farming practices, beyond sustainability? Fauna Smart Technologies has answers to these questions.

We operate in both open and closed field systems and provide data driven, science based solutions via farmer-friendly

tools and services.


By Prioritizing the Environment, we are Prioritizing Humanity

We provide impact with depth and scale, starting from the Biosphere – the core from where environmental services serve humanity. We are following the “wedding cake” by Stockholm Resilience Center (2016). Complex system innovation is needed for re-building the state of the currently dying Biosphere. This calls for a multidisciplinary science and tech approach, rooted in integrated bio-systems thinking, and further for a STRATEGIC VISION.


Strategic Vision

Fauna Smart Technologies team of multidisciplinary scientists has designed the approach to achieve impact with depth and scale, thus addressing all the SDGS, starting from the Biosphere.

To create sustainability, we first need to think beyond sustainability - think regenerative. Why? Because we have destroyed the planetary ecosystems. Stockholm Resilience Centre already warned us (Planetary Boundaries, 2009) that no. 1 priority must be the Biosphere, since it is literally dying. The Biosphere is the core from which environmental services serve humanity. The EU Sustainable Development Report (November, 2019) confirmed that nothing has changed when it comes to the state of the Biosphere! If the Biosphere collapses, humanity will collapse as well.

Ecosystem Transformation. Complex species interactions and restoration of natural processes is a job for multidisciplinary scientists thinking beyond and above. This is who we are at Fauna Smart Technologies. We strategically create tools in line with nature and with the purpose to heal the broken parts of the ecosystems: to re-build biodiversity and enable intelligent plant communication.

Our Values are our DNA

At Fauna Smart Technologies, we value Ethic, Empathy, Research, Environmental and Social Impact, Growth and Respect.
All our actions are ethical. Our team members are empathetic, compassionate and true to themselves right to the bone. Our products and services are research-based, and pave the way to a positive environmental and social impact. Fauna Smart Technologies strives for growth and knowledge sharing. We welcome everyone with open arms and respect.

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