We have created a power-house of multidisciplinary experts from the world renowned universities – who are at your service, on a retainer basis.

At Fauna Smart Technologies we bridge Crop Protection Science with Crop Specialists who know about the real difficulties in diverse Crop Systems.

Our multidisciplinary experts engage with the farming community to describe the problems they are facing, root-cause them and bring together leading researchers from the relevant fields to determine which parts of these problems are ripe for targeting.

We offer the following:

Research and Product Development

The biggest assets of Fauna Smart Technologies are the contributions that come from our scientists who make up the foundation of the company’s ability to generate solutions to the wide scope of problems facing growers. Reach out to our Science & Innovation Team!

Strategic Partnerships

We have partnered with VEDAS and BIOSCIENCE SOLUTIONS to support us on a mission to deliver the greenest agro-ecosystems possible.