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Plants have immunity, just like humans!

When immunity is active, plants are able to defend themselves, there is no need for further spraying of (bio)pesticides. We begin to introduce immunity in applied agriculture and help farmers create new, beyond sustainable crop production strategies.

Through our tool we can begin to introduce immunity in applied agriculture and help farmers create new sustainable crop production strategies.

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Immunity & fauna


Space4Fauna is a joint undertaking of Space4Good and Fauna Smart Technologies. By combining the extensive knowledge of Fauna Smart Technologies in horticulture, crop protection, and food security together with Space4Good experience in satellite earth observation, geoinformation, and platform development, we are able to deliver tailored information to farmers to make the right decisions at the right time.

During the PARSEC Accelerator, we are developing a pest and disease warning and prediction platform for horticulture to help farmers transition to greener, healthier, and more efficient farming practices. Making the best possible use of:

❖ Data and knowledge-driven digital solution

❖Combination of satellite earth observation, meteorological data, and IoT sensors

❖ Customized, user-friendly insights for farmers



Customize crop protection strategies by reading the DNA of the pest itself!

FST developed a molecular method and leveraged it as AgroDNA as a Service for both open and closed field systems.: a precise, fast and affordable way for aphid identification and selection of the best crop protection strategies – based on the DNA. Aphids belong to so-called “super pests” and they are capable of causing significant economic damages to crops in only several days. Early pest detection and identification is one part of the equation: the other part is the optimization of biological control agents to fight off the pest. We help you to do this by using a cutting-edge approach: reading this information from the DNA of the pest itself!

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