With our tools, services and consultancy we can help your organization transition to greener and smarter future!


We are developing a digital platform that allows you to keep track on the conditions of your crops, providing insights from in-field data collection. You can pair your already existing devices and get support from specialized services and advisors.

You can benefit from the digitalization of the agricultural sector to produce more, with better quality crops! Join the 4th agricultural revolution with smart and regenerative measures for production, all backed up by science. We can also help you transition to a fully organic production with minimal costs, and to beyond organic, i.e. regenerative production practices.

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2. Plant Immunity

Plants have immunity, just like humans!

When immunity is active, plants are able to defend themselves, there is no need for further spraying of (bio)pesticides. We begin to introduce immunity in applied agriculture and help farmers create new, beyond sustainable crop production strategies.

Through our tool we can begin to introduce immunity in applied agriculture and help farmers create new sustainable crop production strategies.


Is your plant in a good condition?

Every stakeholder in agro industry is very much keen on
this question. What is the defense capacity of your crops if
the insect-pests and plant pathogens are present in your
agro-ecosystem? We can answer this.


Customize crop protection strategies by reading the DNA of the pest itself!

FST developed a molecular method and levereged it as AgroDNA as a Service for both open and closed field systems: a precise, fast and affordable way for aphid identification and selection of the best crop protection strategies – based on the DNA. Aphids belong to so called “super pests” and they are capable of causing significant economic damages to crops in only several days. Early pest detection and identification is one part of the equation; the other part is optimization of biological control agents to fight off the pest. We help you to do this by using cutting edge approach: reading this information from the DNA of the pest itself.


A deep dive into your organization’s innovation strategies allowing you to quickly gain a new perspective on how to achieve increased production profitability. These sessions are great for farmers/growers of indoor and outdoor farming systems, especially in their early stages, but also for bigger established producers who need the right set of tools to switch to green and smart farming, imposed by the new EU regulations. These sessions are also great for companies producing biological control agents (insects), for optimizing their rearing protocols.


Team of multidisciplinary experts can help you solve your R&D problems, find the best crop protection strategies for hydroponics, greenhouses or open field systems… and much more!


Customize your organization’s crop/food production strategies to become competitive in the new green & smart future.

We are available for specialized seminars and workshops that can bring innovation and technical knowledge to your company. Book your event with us!


Our Founder and CEO has nearly 15 years of experience as a Lecturer at several universities in Europe, where she was lecturing BSc and MSc students regarding agro-ecological principles, integrated pest management, designing organic ecosystems, entomology with focus on insect-pests, genetics and molecular breeding.
Today, she uses her research and rhetoric skills to inspire and encourage people to move in the right direction and create the brave new world!

How do we want to evolve as species?
Green and Infinitely Sustainable.
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