Dragana Vukasinovic, PhD

Founder and CEO

Dr Vukasinovic is an experienced Crop Protection Scientist (16+ years) with Agricultural Entomology as her field of expertise. Dragana has a broad knowledge in Plant/Crop Production Systems, focusing on IPM and Biocontrol in IPM. Dragana did her PhD in Agricultural Entomology (focus: eco-physiology & organismal biology) at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (Denmark).

Prior to coming to Denmark, Dragana was working at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture (Serbia) as Research Scientist and Lecturer, and at the same time working on her PhD thesis in Agricultural Entomology: Molecular Taxonomy & Systematics focusing on similar species complexes with different susceptibility to insecticides, in high value crops. Dragana conducted the whole PhD research in direct collaboration with farmers, working from a perspective of a Customer Oriented Scientist.

Fauna Smart Technologies is partly based on Dragana’s research and unique know-how of agro-ecosystems that came out from a strong farmers need for precise, fast and cost affordable pest management.

As the Visionary one, Dragana will maintain the long-term vision of Fauna Smart Technologies, and will be responsible for leading R&D, product innovations and ongoing industry commercialization efforts.

Nemanja Milosevic, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Nemanja has always been working on the intersection of biology and technology, as an expert-generalist for 15+ years. Formerly, Nemanja is a biologist with research experience in technical and chemical sciences. He has been working both in the Danish public and private sector for more than 10 years, and in engineering consultancy companies, e.g. MOE, on strategic R&D, innovation and product development. Nemanja is experienced in working with remote sensing data and leading multidisciplinary projects and teams.

Atijana Mitic, MSc, EMBA

Chief Operations Officer

Atijana is an experienced Crop Protection Scientist operating within the Crop Protection Industry in AgChem & Biopesticides for 15+ years. She is specialized in the ecotoxicological effects of (bio)pesticides. Atijana worked for multinational companies, e.g. Syngenta, defining Marketing & Sales Strategy, and in Regulatory Departments on the introduction of new (bio)pesticides. Her work was mostly related to South-Eastern Europe, but also Israel. Atijana has a strong customer and industry-oriented mindset and is passionate about building businesses from the scratch and making harmony in all operational segments.


Pavle Gomboc, BSc

Bioinformatics Software Developer

Pavle is a young yet experienced (7+ years in the IT industry) engineer in electronics and computer sciences. Besides usual software engineering, he focused his work on intersections of multidisciplinary sciences on high-impact projects. With great previous experience for a BSc, he showed to be a talented and a passionate thinker and very strategic leader in his domain. Pavle showed a great mixture of scientific and technical knowledge in his work with a strong team passion.

Nenad Bosnjak, BSc

Software Developer Intern

Nenad is an aspiring software engineer with an interest in object-oriented programming. In the journey to obtain a BSc, he acquired progressive knowledge of Database Management Systems, as well as detailed expertise in data structures and algorithms. With past experience in multiple projects, he showed great potential and creativity while working in a team environment. Combining his eye for detail with precision, he is a great addition to our team following our vision.

Miguel Chapela Rivas, MSc

Remote Sensing Specialist

Miguel has a background in IT and telecommunications which he shifted towards remote sensing 5 years ago. He has an MSc in Earth and Space Physics from the Technical University of Denmark where he focused on processing satellite and drone images and creating mathematical models from these data. He is passionate about creating applications that benefit society using Earth Observation data and he has entrepreneurship experience where he achieved to win several startup competitions with his ideas. In Fauna, he is looking at how to extract valuable insights from satellite imagery using both his expertise and enthusiasm.

Elena Merola, MSc

Remote Sensing Specialist

Elena is an Environmental Engineer with a specialization in Water and Hydrology. She completed her BSc in Environmental Engineering at Polytechnic of Turin in Italy and recently obtained her MSc in Water Resources Management from Aalto University (Finland) and the Technical University of Denmark. During her Master’s Thesis, she worked with drone remote sensing for the surveying of environmental stressors. In Fauna, she collaborates to research in remote sensing technologies to map out plant response to biological and physical stressors.

Driven by sustainability ethics both in everyday life and academic background, she has a strong interest in food production, consumption, and sustainability. During her free time, you might find her volunteering with food-related associations in Copenhagen to fight food waste and food insecurity.


Paula Urbanos, MSc

Communication Specialist & Content Creator

Paula has a broad life sciences background; she completed a BSc. in Biology from the Complutense University of Madrid and an MSc. in Food Science & Technology from the University of Copenhagen. She focused her thesis project on crop protection against nematodes with bacteria as biopesticides at the department of Plant Health at Chr. Hansen. She has an interest in sustainability and improving agriculture, as well as a year of experience in the food industry in food safety and quality.


Savina Maistrou, PhD

Insect & Plant Immunity R&D

Dr Maistrou brings her rich agricultural knowledge (14+ years) from the Agricultural University of Athens where she obtained BSc in Crop Protection Science, and MSc in Plant Pathology where she investigated crop immune responses to fungal attacks. She holds a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Copenhagen, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences where she investigated insect immuno responses to fungal attacks. For several years she has been working as an Agricultural Advisor in Greece, mostly in arable crops.

Within Fauna Smart Technologies, Dr Maistrou contributes mostly to Plant Immuno Track project, with her knowledge of plant-pathogen interactions and plant defense responses. Dr Maistrou contributes to the overall system of products we are building at Fauna Smart Technologies, from the research and development perspective.

Constantine Anagnostopoulos, PhD

Microfluidics & Lab-on-paper

Dr. Anagnostopoulos has 40+ years work experience and is currently Adjunct Full Professor in the Mechanical Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, at the University of Rhode Island (URI), US, and Co-founder and President of Labonachip, LLC, the first lab-on-a-chip startup, with the most precise patent protected lab-on-paper technology: parts per billion (ppb). In the current ecosystem of lab-on-paper technologies, others do precision in parts per million (ppm).

At URI, Constantine’s research work has been on Lab-on-a-Chip and Lab-on-Paper devices for Point-of-Care diagnostics. Constantine is Inventor or Co-Inventor in over 75 issued US patents and first author or co-author in over 60 reviewed journal publications.

Aslak Johansen, PhD

Data & Systems Science

Dr. Johansen is an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark where he works on data modeling and management. Aslak has 14+ years of research experience, and his background is in Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, where he focused on distributed systems. He did his PhD in Wireless Sensor Networks for environmental monitoring at the IT University of Copenhagen. He takes a system approach to problems and he is a valuable asset for the technological approach within the ecosystem of products we are building within Fauna Smart Technologies.

Harry Teicher, PhD

Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Teicher is a thought leader in the Crop Protection space, a futurist and a proven strategist. For 30+ years he has been involved in Industrial R&D within conventional (chemical) crop protection as a Senior Scientist and a Study Director in Cheminova – later acquired by FMC: European Innovation Center. Dr. Teicher holds his PhD from the University of Copenhagen in Molecular Plant Biology and Crop Protection. Harry’s academic R&D work from University of Copenhagen and University of Adelaide was on plant defense responses to biotic and abiotic.

Luboš Grepl

Business Development Strategy and Industry Collaborations

Senior executive leader with more than 35 years of experience in the Agricultural Ecosystem and proven ability to develop and operationalize strategies whilst rising the business profitability and market share on the board of sector-leading companies, innovators, and startups.

In the last 3 years, Mr. Grepl was successfully operating his Consultancy business, advising professionals, market leaders, and Startup’s with insights on business development and transformations with innovative market-based solutions. He is always passionate about identifying and embracing innovative technologies that bring improvements in the ecosystem, increase efficiency to allow agriculture to achieve significant sustainability gains in a response to climatic and regulatory requirements.

Tegan Spinner, BSc.

Nordic Talent Ambassador & Startup mentor

An entrepreneur at heart who moved from Silicon Valley to Copenhagen in pursuit of happiness, Tegan has spent the last five years working with some of the best startups in Denmark. Most specifically, as CTO of Zentabox, the personalized vitamins and supplements company, and Opbeat, an open-source application performance monitoring tool for developer, before launching his own ventures Lokalist and Worthmore which center around reducing the amount of e-waste generated by our used smartphones.

Through his role as a Nordic Talent Ambassador and Startup Denmark Visa Consultant, he actively works on attracting and helping entrepreneurs from around the world find their way around the Danish startup ecosystem by sharing his knowledge and experience.


Lærke Johansen, PhD

Project Management

Dr Johansen holds her doctoral degree from the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and MSc in Animal Health from the same University. She is employed at the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, at the Danish Agricultural Agency. With her pragmatic and systematic approach in problem solving and her tremendous knowledge in applied agriculture in the Danish ecosystem – she will support the implementation of IPM Decision Support System by Fauna Smart Technologies providing her advices and sharing her network within the field. Within Fauna Smart Technologies she is using her experience in a role of a Project Manager.

Anne-Luise Skov Jensen, MSc

Fundraising Manager

Anne-Luise has several years of experience with technology and business development, primarily in the agricultural sector. She has extensive knowledge on attracting financing via both Danish and EU funding programs. She currently works as a Fundraising Manager at the North Denmark EU-Office alongside her own privately held consultancy business.